Daniel Hoegerl

This page presents my work in the fields of bioinformatics and cheminformatics during studying at the FH CampusWien.

Diploma thesis

Simulation of prebiotic chemistries [PDF] - Graph based artificial chemistry model to describe chemical reaction networks utilizing graph transformations among chemical graphs and simulating network dynamics according to chemical reaction kinetics.

Software StochGraphLab (Stochastic Graph based artificial Laboratory)



Christoph Flamm, Alexander Ullrich, Heinz Ekker, Martin Mann, Daniel Hoegerl,
Markus Rohrschneider, Sebastian Sauer, Gerik Scheuermann, Konstantin Klemm, Ivo L. Hofacker, Peter F. Stadler
Evolution of Metabolic Networks: A Computational Framework.
J Sys Chem submitted 2010.